The Company C.M.P. International s.r.l., with its forty years experience in this sector, stands out itself by the production of constructions with an industrial prefabrication system in a high quality level metallic carpentry. In fact it can plan, produce and setup industrial or civil buildings, sport structures as well as infrastructural works. 
The elevated construction capability, its experience acquired over the years, the reliability, the availability and above all the competence and the flexibility in planning aimed at optimizing the realizations, allow the Company C.M.P. International s.r.l. to be the ideal partner for turnkey project realization all over the world. 
Our products’ design is based on more than ten-years experience specialists working side by side with young technicians that exploit modern technologies. 
Hangars are tailor-made for clients in order to satisfy all structural and esthetical exigencies thanks to increasingly more automated and powerful means of production. 
The constant research has allowed the attainment of more and more advanced, elegant and light, structural and esthetical solutions, able to satisfy every kind of request. 
The Company’s force is to search in the way to intend “building planning and realization in metallic carpentry”: accordingly to the client requests and exigencies and in order to obtain a complete, functioning and economic product, the C.M.P. International s.r.l. is able to give the whole construction process: architectural and structural building planning, the production of the structures in the plants, the assembly on site and all the necessary to give a complete product to the highest standard. 
The Company rises over an area of 35.000 covered square metres including carpentry sector (cutting, assembly and welding), mechanical works sector and sandblasting/painting sector. There is also an office building of about 1.800 square metres where all technical, control and administrative activities are carried out. 
The Company has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, this is a clear testimony of the fact that quality of all the products is the company priority pursued day by day. 


Metallic structures planning, construction and assembly for: 

Civil buildings 

Industrial buildings 

Sport structures 

Pipe Rack

Steel conveyor belts

Aircraft Hangar

Bridges for roads and railways 

Supports for power lines, substations and power plants

Supports and brackets for railway lines

Supplies of electrowelded composite beams

Radio and telecommunication masts

Soundproof panels

Carpenterie bullonate

Welded steelwork

Steel, aluminium, pmma, glass, wood and concrete noise barriers