Realisations for every need

Civil buildings 

To the Company C.M.P. International s.r.l., every project is realized considering first the client’s exigencies and every step is seen and valuated with his direct participation in order to harmonize the installation with the evaluation of the investment costs. Therefore, the proposal phases start from the planning and the schemes’ development that show the balance point between the reality of the optimal productive process and its feasibility. The following step consists in showing the technical specifications and, on the basis of an economical analysis, is possible to close in an executive choice. 

Industrial Buildings 

For every realization, the CMP International s.r.l. avails itself of internal resources that guarantee a constant and continuous high level qualification from foundation pour to the structure assembly, the paving, the systems setting up, to the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic tests. 
That’s the CMP International s.r.l. guarantee, a Company able to realize every kind of “turnkey” structure but above all to guarantee to the Client a direct management of every phase in the company with the support of a group that is, in construction sector, its strong point 

Sport structures 

The Company Costruzioni Metalliche Prefabbricate s.r.l., realizing sport structures has been able to combine its technical capabilities with esthetical and architectural exigencies and with restrictions dues to functionality. 
The Company, thanks to its high level know-how, makes its experience available to the whole collectivity for the realization of traditional installations or of modular structures that, by means of highly innovative techniques, are fast in assembling, secure over the time and easy in the maintenance. 
San Benedetto del Tronto Stadium 

Bridges for roads and railways and anti-noise barriers 

Thanks to its huge experience in the realization of roads, high-speed roads, railways, steel and conccrete decking system, viaducts, overpasses and bridges in general, in Italy and abroad, the company C.M.P. International is able to respond to any request, taking advantage of its organization and production flexibility to solve any kind of request and problem.